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Your business is no doubt experiencing uncertainty as details caused by current disruptions are changing by the minute. Your inbox is full of information on how companies are responding, and you may be wondering what you can do to navigate your business through these unprecedented global events.

We understand that your business, your needs and your responses to this crisis are unique so we gathered public tips across various networks so that you can find helpful and relevant information for you and your business.

Below you’ll find links to public resources to help you manage, grow and protect your business during these challenging times.


Leading During Tough Times

Leading in the Midst of Uncertainty (Forbes)
What you can do as you navigate things as a leader in the coming days, weeks, and possibly months while you and your team make your way through this time of intense uncertainty.

How to be a More Resilient Leader in Crisis (Center for Creative Leadership)
How to handle moments of crisis, from seeking help to board disclosure.

Leading Remote Workers: The Coronavirus' Impact on Effective Management (Forbes)
Three keys to heading a newly virtual workforce that leaders can implement today, whether their organization’s shift is temporary or long lasting.


Remote Work Tips

Will Coronavirus Lead to More Cyber Attacks? (Harvard Business Review)
Cybercriminals around the world undoubtedly are poised to capitalize on the crisis, here are some things for employers and employees to keep in mind to minimize the risk.

If You Suddenly Work Remotely, Communication Matters More Than Anything Else (HuffPost)
Making sure your colleagues feel seen and heard is what you need to prioritize if you're working from home.

9 Tips to Be Productive When Working At Home (Forbes)
Productivity Tips For Working At Home.


Tips for Your Sales Team

How Do I Sell During Uncertain Times? (The Q & A Sales Podcast)
Between the bear market and the global coronavirus pandemic, salespeople are facing uncertainty. This podcast (transcribed) shares several tips to sell in uncertain times.

How to Sell During the Coronavirus Pandemic (Forbes)
Adjust the way you do business but not the why you do business.

10 Ways to Generate New Business While Everyone is Working Remotely (The Business Journals)
10 things to do to create positive momentum, generate new income and improve your competitive position.


Planning for Uncertainty

Business Planning for Uncertainty (PMB)
Yes, the future is uncertain, but that does not mean a plan is useless.

How to Survive the COVID-19 Business Recession (Markets Insider)
An Advisory Firm Serving Middle Market Companies, Issues Guidance on How to Survive the COVID-19 Business Recession

Founders - now that you see the Black Swan, do this next (Medium)
A practical guide to auditing your costs and making your company more nimble and ready for the future.


The information and opinions shared in these links are those of the author and not necessarily those of Pacific Mercantile Bank. This post is not intended to give advice on legal or medical issues related to COVID-19.

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