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Payment Solutions

Convenience, Efficiency and Security at your Fingertips

When it comes to paying vendors and employees, traditional check payments are giving way to more efficient and cost-effective electronic payment solutions. To make sure your business is taking full advantage of these innovations, our Treasury Management Team will evaluate your payment requirements and then work with you to find the best solutions that meet the needs of your accounting staff.


  • ACH Disbursements

      The Automated Clearing House (ACH) system provides a low-cost electronic transfer network governed by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). Using our online banking platform, you can take advantage of web-based security and technology to expedite and facilitate your ACH payments. Our ACH system streamlines payments and collections while improving productivity, so you can manage and automate activities including direct payroll deposits; tax, bill or loan payments; dues or subscription collections; and concentrating funds from multiple accounts.

      Key Benefits

      • Lower processing costs
      • Reduced exposure to check fraud
      • Simplified payroll, tax, and vendor payments
      • Cash concentration services to leverage excess balances

      Key Features

      • Create ACH transactions on the fly using online banking
      • Import ACH files in any format
      • Upload NACHA formatted files directly to the Bank
      • Pre-set approval authorities and establish individual limits
      • Send same day ACH for immediate credit the same day
  • Commercial Credit Cards

      Enhance your cash conversion cycle by increasing both payable days and working capital. Increase your understanding of company spending through better tracking and data management to improve cost savings and controls.

      Key Benefits

      • Reduce or eliminate manual processes and costs
      • Improve working capital
      • Exercise greater security and control
      • Deliver convenience to traveling employees
      • Decrease the risk of fraud

      Key Features

      • Online access to manage card accounts
      • Manage employee T&E spending by setting limits and guidelines at multiple levels
      • Chip and PIN card technology enabled on all cards
  • Wire Transfers

      Use wire services to transfer funds through our online banking platform, quickly and efficiently, domestically or internationally, in virtually any currency. Wire transfers offer same-day availability of funds, and confirmations are provided through a variety of methods for your convenience. Our platform allows you to define multiple levels of secure initiation and approvals, accommodates single and high-volume disbursements, and supports free-form, templated or imported wires.

      Key Benefits

      • Immediate funds availability
      • Safe and secure transactions
      • Creator and approver can segregate user access
      • Multiple initiation options

      Key Features

      • Automatic standing transfers can be established to move funds on a repetitive basis
      • Wire instructions can be future dated
      • Easy multiple wire upload instructions for high volume clients
      • Real-time reporting on wire status
  • Zero Balance Accounts

      With zero balance accounts, checks are written, disbursements are made, and the net balance is transferred from a concentration account. The multi-tier zero balance account allows you to create account relationships to accommodate your internal accounting needs. Funds can be transferred automatically to concentration accounts tied to a master account.

      Key Benefits

      • Eliminates time spent on manually funding subsidiary accounts
      • Eliminates the need to track balance levels & funding requirements
      • Saves clerical time and expenses
      • Maximizes funds available for investment and minimizes risk of overdraft fees

      Key Features

      • Target balance can be set to any amount, usually zero
      • Multiple secondary accounts can be tied to a primary funding account
      • Multi-tier account arrangements available
      • Online balance & transaction reporting through e-Business Gateway
  • Bill Payment

      The Business Bill Pay Service allows you to view, manage, and pay bills online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Multi-user entitlements let the person in charge of the finances delegate tasks to appropriate employees. Customized reports track multiple monthly and stand-alone payments to suppliers, contractors, and taxes. All this helps keep everything running smoothly.

      Key Benefits

      • Save time and postage
      • Customize security to your needs
      • Reduce risk by requiring approvals and setting user limits

      Key Features

      • Perform scheduled, recurring and one-time payments
      • Enter invoice number for electronic payments
      • View the status of online payments
      • Access payment history for every payee

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