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Horizon Analytics®

“The Horizon Analytics team was the difference-maker for us.”
– Jason Kulpa, CEO, UE.co

If your business is a smaller, private company, it’s easy to miss hidden opportunities. Our powerful financial analysis and modeling help you discover what you’re missing in order to reach your goals.

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“Horizon Analytics is what you get from PMB that you don't get from other banks.”
– Daina Trout,
Health-Ade LLC

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“It’s a good way to crystallize what your forecasts are looking like.”
– Matthew Spooner,
Controller, IPS Group

Horizon Analytics helps middle market businesses level the playing field with financial analysis and outside expert advice that’s typically only available to big public companies with significant advisory resources.

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With our proprietary Horizon Analytics methodology, our team will help you one-on-one

  • Reach business goals with more critical insight and confidence
  • Assess competitive advantages, strengths and weaknesses
  • Establish appropriate operating and financial targets that maximize business value

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You’ll see new perspectives about your business with:

  • Customized five-year forecast modeling that identifies key variables driving profitability and cash flow
  • What-if scenarios that help identify opportunities to help your business grow

“We never heard of any bank mention something like Horizon Analytics. We couldn’t have gotten it anywhere else.”
— Gil Dhawan, President, Applied Membranes

“Gives us confidence to know where we stand.”
— Jason Kulpa, CEO, UE.co

“It will help us see the future of our business.”
— Ardy Azhir, CEO/Owner, National Network Services

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“…the only bank that gives us tools like this…a clear win”

“Horizon Analytics is a game-changer”

“It's a good way to crystallize what your forecasts are looking like.”

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