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Commercial Credit Card Solutions

Cards for All Businesses

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Whatever the size of your business, Pacific Mercantile Bank’s Commercial Card program offers an array of options to help you manage everything you need --- from purchasing to T&E spending with comprehensive reporting and integration tools.

Increase Efficiency, Gain Control

  • Reduce payment processing expense
  • Control employee spending
  • Optimize accounts payable posting through robust transaction-level reporting

Tap Discounts without Stressing Cash

  • Use cards to make vendor or supplier payments to take advantage of early pay discounts without actually disbursing funds
  • Extend your accounts payable cycle without incurring interest expense
  • Negotiate discounts with preferred vendors

Control Card Use and Spending

  • Take advantage of advanced online card management controls
  • Automated spending controls can ensure cardholders’ adherence to corporate spending policies
  • Cards let you set individual limits on transaction size, vendor types and other criteria

Protecting Your Interests

  • Real-time fraud monitoring immediate notification of suspicious activity
  • CHIP technology provides extra security at point of sale
  • Electronic payments save time and money, allow for better cash flow management and uncover data to help you analyze costs and optimize supplier relationships and spend

Earn Rewards or Cash Rebates

  • Move more spending to your commercial card, and earn rewards or cash-back rebates based on spend levels
  • Enjoy automatic enrollment in MasterCard Easy Savings program

Game-Changing Improvements

Customize your card program based on your specific needs, not a one-size-fits-all solution, including:

  • Flexible billing options
  • Supplier enablement – let us review your supplier/vendor list to identify companies that accept card payments
  • Card data integration to expense management and accounting systems
  • Company – not personal liability
  • Dedicated service and support

Why Use Commercial Cards?

The Traditional Pay-By-Check Process is Costly

The process cost of using a traditional procure-to-pay process—often involving a requisition, purchase order, invoice and check payment—is the same regardless of the dollar amount of the purchase. In other words, the process cost of a $25 purchase is the same as a $10,000 purchase.

Often, the process cost exceeds the value of the item being acquired (e.g., the cost to acquire a $25 wrench may exceed $100). Estimates of the process cost of the traditional process range from $50 to $200.

A Commercial Card Program Simplifies the Process

Most organizations recognize that a large number of check payments are made for low-value items to a large number of suppliers—a costly, inefficient process. When the payment method is switched from the traditional check process to a Commercial Card Program, efficiency savings can be significant.

Overall, Commercial Cards provide a means for streamlining the procure-to-pay process, allowing organizations to procure goods and services in a timely manner, reduce transaction costs, extend days-payable-outstanding, negotiate supplier discounts, eliminate petty cash, and more.

Commercial Cards Also Benefit Suppliers

Suppliers that accept Commercial Cards for payment can reap considerable benefits that far outweigh the costs related to card acceptance. Benefits include:

  • Cost reductions, such as eliminating invoice creation, handling and mailing, depositing payments, and collection activities
  • Electronically deposited funds
  • Faster receipt of payments and improved cash flow
  • Increased sales, as many organizations solicit only suppliers that accept Commercial Cards as payment
  • Customer satisfaction

Other Benefits Include

  • Commercial Card payments can save significantly over traditional check payments
  • Card-based payments typically speed up your suppliers’ speed of payment while extending your payment terms
  • You pay your monthly card statement after the payment term period, providing on average 36 days of float on all card spend, given a 21-day payment term

Call to learn more:

  • Barbara Mac Dermot, VP/Senior Treasury Sales Associate

  • Shamara Vizcarra, EVP/Head of Operations & Client Experience