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Accelerate and effectively manage your receivables with solutions that expand payment options for your customers while streamlining your back-office.

We offer customized cash management solutions to manage business receivables, including:

  • ACH
  • xPress Deposit (remote check capture)
  • Lockbox and Wires (domestic and international)
  • Merchant Services
  • Cash Vault Services
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Efficient management of your business receivables can have a positive effect on cash flow and profitability. Here are a few ways Pacific Mercantile can customize an accounts receivable solution for your business.

ACH is a cost effective method for managing incoming payments.

  • Use ACH to receive payment for services either directing your clients to remit via ACH or initiate a pre-authorized debit to pull the money from your client or vendor.

xPress Deposit streamlines check deposits from a remote office location.

  • Utilize a compatible desktop scanner that connects to your PC and the internet to scan and deposit checks.
  • Increase employee efficiency and reduce labor cost, thus freeing up staff for other tasks.
  • Deposit checks when it’s convenient for you.
  • Multi-layers of security including password protection, 128-bit encryption and firewalls.

Lockbox is one of the most widely used tools for accelerating cash flow.

  • Streamline deposit remittances and benefit from same day credit for deposits while improving back office efficiency.
  • Enjoy secure Web-based intra-day access to deposit information.
  • Quickly download or view check and payment coupon images.
  • Eliminate waiting for the mail and the use of couriers.

Wires, both domestic and international, enable same-day funds transfers of payments due to you.

  • Incoming wire detail available online

Merchant Services

  • Reduce payment float by accepting card payments for e-commerce, B2B, retail and recurring subscription sales.
  • Expand sales opportunities by processing payments online, in-person, by phone or mobile device.

Cash Vault Services

  • Onsite cash vault with cash dispensing capabilities can be installed at your location.
  • Traditional cash vault services available with courier pick-up and delivery.

Contact us to learn more:

  • Cindy Verity, Executive Vice President, Head of Cash Management

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  • Karen Fisher, Senior Vice President, Director of Deposit Services

  • Shamara Vizcarra, Senior Vice President, Senior Treasury Management Advisor


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