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The protection of your accounts is a partnership between your company and Pacific Mercantile Bank.

Let’s work together to safeguard your company’s cash assets. Leverage the services and solutions Pacific Mercantile Bank offers to prevent fraud.

Are you spending too much of your valuable time worrying about fraud hitting your business? Or, worse, not enough time? New technologies in payments have made payment fraud a moving target. Fortunately, you can put best practices and fraud protection tools in place to minimize the impact of payment fraud on your business. This paper examines the trends in payment fraud, the types of fraud that businesses are exposed to, and the practices and services that can be implemented to greatly reduce the likelihood that your business will fall victim.
Payment Fraud White Paper (PDF)

It has been called Imposter Fraud, Business Email Compromise, and CEO Fraud. It is a disturbing trend in fraud that has grown at epidemic rates since it was first identified by the FBI in 2013. While this threat is real and growing, there are simple steps you can take to prevent Imposter Fraud from affecting your business. This white paper examines the trends in Imposter Fraud and provides the tools and best practices you can employ to protect your business.
Imposter Fraud White Paper (PDF)

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With transaction fraud on the rise, are you making the most of available controls? Call us today for a review of your cash management needs, account structures and an overview of tools available to mitigate potential fraud, including:

Check Positive Pay

  • Automatic matching of company issued checks to those presented against your accounts.
  • Online and/or email notification of check exceptions.
  • Decide which unmatched check should be paid or returned.
  • Easy-to-use check file transmission, exception reports and disposition instructions.

Check Positive Pay with Payee Validation

  • Compares presented items on three criteria: Payee name, check number and dollar amount against transmitted data base.

ACH Positive Pay

  • Automatic matching of presented ACH to allowable vendor list
  • Block any ACH from debiting your account
  • Filter by dollar range and/or vendor


  • Create account and transactional alerts, at various frequencies, to be sent via email or text messaging
  • Types of Alerts: pending approvals, template and transaction creation, minimum/maximum balance thresholds, password changes, checks presented and credits/debits posted
  • Customize alerts to meet your specific needs.

Call to learn more:

  • Cindy Verity, Executive Vice President, Head of Cash Management

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  • Shamara Vizcarra, Vice President, Treasury Services Advisor


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