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Pivotal to Company Success

Your banker could be pivotal to your company’s success.

We suggest three benchmarks for deciding if your banker deserves a seat at the table.

critical Thinking

Critical Thinking. Expect The Unexpected. Tough Choices.

The best people want to follow a strong, decisive leader. If you want your company to succeed, you must be that leader.

Sustaining Growth

Sustaining Growth: How To Avoid Growing Yourself Out Of Business

You are an entrepreneur. You are well versed in managing suppliers, customers, employees, and if you are lucky enough to be growing, managing your own company’s growth.

Business Email Compromise

Business Email Compromise: A Case Study And Best Practices

Could this happen to you? Wire fraud can take many forms, but the predominant method being used today is Business Email Compromise.

You're An Innovator

You’re An Innovator. Does Your Banker Get It?

Your company is doing something different, novel, evolutionary, or even revolutionary. The path is generally not straight. It can be very narrow. At times it can feel like you’re walking on the edge of a cliff.

Keeping The Family

Keeping the Family Business in Business

Many of the world’s largest companies started as, and remain, family-owned enterprises. Family businesses generate a significant portion of the U.S. GDP.

Business Planning

Business Planning for Uncertainty

Yes, the future is uncertain. But that does not mean a plan is useless. We spend a lot of time working on forecasts with clients, and typically they are quite useful.

Company Worth

What is Your Company Worth? Measuring the Value of Your Business

You had a big idea a few years back and you built a great company. So what is the value of your company today? And will your future plans enhance or erode that value?

Payment Fraud

Protecting Your Bottom Line: Best Practices for Protecting Against Payment Fraud

Are you spending too much of your valuable time worrying about fraud hitting your business? Or, worse, not enough time?

Banker or Lender

Do You Have a Banker or a Lender? There is a Difference!

No matter what size your company is, no matter what business you’re in, you need a banking partner who cares about your goals, your strategy, and your success.

Choose Wisely

Small Business Owners, Choose Your Bank Wisely

For the sake of your business’s future, choose a banker who is committed to knowing your business better than anyone else in your professional network—perhaps even better than you know it yourself.

Imposter Fraud

Preventing Imposter Fraud: Simple Steps to Avoid the Wire Fraud Epidemic

Imposter Fraud scams use email and social engineering to pose as a senior manager in order to trick employees into sending “urgent” and “confidential” wire transfers directly to the fraudsters’ accounts.


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