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PMB Secure E-Mail Service

Pacific Mercantile Bank recognizes the importance of electronic communications, and the need to secure communications containing confidential information. We offer several methods to securely send a message over encrypt channels over the Internet. The simplest and fastest way to send us a secure e-mail is to use our Secure E-Mail feature available on our website. You can access it by clicking this Secure E-Mail link.

Why use Secure E-Mail?

Regular non-encrypted email over the Internet is not a secure means of communication. Messages sent via standard Internet email travel in "plain text" and cross many networks before reaching their final destination. Therefore an opportunity exists for prying eyes to eavesdrop on email messages as they traverse these various networks. Since confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, standard Internet email should not be used to exchange sensitive or private information such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, financial statements, or any other non-public privacy information. Secure E-Mail uses encryption to protect the message during transit.

How to Access Secure E-Mail

To facilitate the exchange of secure, encrypted electronic messages over the Internet, we provide the following secure messaging services that you may use to communicate with us:

  1. From on our website, you can send us a secure message by clicking on the "Secure E-Mail" link at the top right of every webpage, and compose a secure message.

  2. From within our Online Banking service, you can send us a secure message by clicking the "Contact Us" link on the "Customer Service" page.

  3. From within our Cash Management service, you can send us a secure message by clicking the "Contact us" link on the "Administration" page.

  4. From within the Cisco Registered E-Mail Envelope Service, you can click reply to response with secure message.

  5. We participate in the ZixCorp's Email Encryption Service. If you are also a member of ZixCorp's ZixDirectory, you may use that service to send us a secure message.

You may also Contact Us by mail, fax, or telephone rather than by e-mail.

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