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Online Cash Management

Now businesses of any size can take advantage of cash management services previously available only to the largest companies. Our cash management experts will work closely with you to tailor services to your needs. And with our state-of-the-art Internet banking technology and the nearest branch is as close as your PC.


  • Multiple Account Control - establish multiple privileges by user, including access to account details such as float balances and hold amounts, to assist with timely decisions about money management.
  • E-mail Alerts - You will be notified when balances fall below and/or above amounts you determine. The amounts can be different for every account and can be changed by you at any time.
  • Wire Transfer Requests - transfers via the Internet can be initiated by company staff with proper authority. Duties can be segregated so that one person can set up the wire and another person can approve the transaction.
  • EFT Tax Payments - Payroll and other tax payments can be initiated via your Pacific Mercantile Bank online banking services.
  • Electronic Payroll - Transfer the net payroll amount to your employees’ checking or savings accounts at any U.S. financial institution.
  • ACH Payments - Create ACH files and transmit them directly to Pacific Mercantile Bank for processing through the national ACH system. This service can be used to receive payment for services when pre-authorized by your customers.
  • Security - uses industry standard SSL 128-bit encryption to ensure your account information remains safe and confidential while traveling over the Internet.

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