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Lockbox Remittance Processing

Does your business receive dozens or even hundreds of payments through the mail each week or month? Do you dedicate staff to processing the payments and getting the funds deposited? We have a solution for you. Let Pacific Mercantile Bank create a tailor-made process to handle your customer payments quickly and efficiently for the fastest possible credit to your account.


  • Payments are sent directly to our processing center for handling. Your staff is freed up to get more business.
  • All payments are processed the day they are received and the funds credited to your account.
  • We will transmit customer accounts receivable information directly to your accounting system for automatic updating of customer accounts. Again, this will occur the same day payments are received.
  • Processing criteria is customized to your specifications. We will process partial payments, over payments, late payments and other exceptions according to your requirements.
  • Both standard and customized reports are available and are sent to you every day processing occurs.

The Pacific Mercantile Bank Remittance Processing Solution will save you time and money because our highly automated process greatly reduces the cost of several tasks your staff must perform currently. Take advantage of this service now and you will see the increase in efficiency almost immediately.

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